Shawn Ryan Show #011 The Blackwater Massacre 🇺🇸 WATCH NOW

The Pipe Hitter Foundation board of directors had authorized an immediate $12,500 in emergency relief grants for the four men and has started a fundraiser to retire Raven 23’s outstanding legal bills and get them back on their feet. To make a donation, visit the Pipe Hitter Foundation Homepage @ 🇺🇸

In their first joint interview ever, the four men of Blackwater USA’s Raven 23 Tactical Support Team sit down with Shawn Ryan to discuss the complete system failure of the U.S. government, a corrupt court system, and incompetent journalists that demonized them as war criminals and convicted them before standing trial, despite their innocence. 

In an extensive interview, Dustin Heard, Evan Liberty, Nick Slatten, and Paul Slough discuss their ordeal as well as their experience in battle, their time in prison, their faith, and reuniting with their families. The story of Raven 23 and the four patriotic Americans who risked their lives to protect our freedom but then found themselves in the midst of a politically motivated war crimes trial has incredible similarities to what Eddie endured.

This is the very reason we started The Pipe Hitter Foundation. 

While they are now reunited with their families and friends, they have also found themselves with financial hardships including legal fees that should have never been incurred. We ask you to please join The Pipe Hitter Foundation in supporting these four freedom fighters.


We are grateful to Shawn Ryan for inviting Eddie to be part of this Podcast. It is eye-opening, emotional,  and the country deserves to know the truth.