(A limited number are still available at www.eddiegallagherbook.com)

The official publication date for mass retailers like Amazon and Barnes & Noble is June 15, meaning before summer starts the entire world will start reading the full and true story about the conspiracy that nearly put Eddie away for life. The depth of corruption revealed in the book is truly shocking, and should be an eye opener for many.

For the past year+, we’ve put our blood, sweat and tears into writing this book. It’s hard to believe that the thousands of hours we put in are going to pay off in only a few short months. We didn’t hold anything back, and that’s why we included QR codes with trial audio, videos of the accuser’s NCIS interviews, and their text messages. A jury of his peers found Eddie innocent, and we want you to have all the information available so you can make your own decision.

We look forward to you reading the truth. #thetruthiscoming